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Unlock an all-new universe of audiovisual delights with Digibox! We've laid out the red carpet to the most engaging and user-friendly platform for all your favourite TV content. Over 1200 live TV channels, a treasure trove of movies, sports, and a rich selection of adult channels are now snugly fit in your smartphone, a tap away.

Now, we're rolling out a special invite for you. We've cooked up a heck of a deal: all users buying our Digibox get a swing at a week-long, all-access pass. Be it our box or just cruising our services, we'll hook you up with the APP download link, along with your very own exclusive account and password.

But hold your horses, there's more! To let more folks sample our services, we're adding 10 more trial runs to the mix. Fancy scoring one for yourself? It's a no-brainer! Simply subscribe to our email blast, drop us a line about your take on our gear, and you could be one of the lucky ten!

We're all ears for your feedback and would love for you to share your Digibox experience. We're stoked about our user participation—it helps us get the bigger picture and keeps our game strong.

Limited slots, people, so hop to it! Be it buying our gear or taking a stroll with our services, we can't wait to have you aboard. Get set for an audiovisual saga like no other, only with Digibox!

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7 comentarios

I have a Superbox and it’s ok, however, it will give me the sport channels. Do you?

Ronald Johnson

I Would Like To Try your Box For a Few Days I Have A Superbox But It Freezes a Lot And Cut Off In The Middle Of A Movie .Do Your Box Work With Buffing Ore Any Freezing On PPV?

John E Marshall

Everybody sells boxes these days I would like to try and compare your box to other manufacturers out there and see if it’s really what you say it is.

Mike janiak

I bought a superbox and it’s okay it buffers a lot. I would like to try your box and see how it compares to my other box. From the comments I have read already, I am impressed already. Thank you

Tracy Fowler

Dear digibox, I have purchased your product and I did not expect a box at this price to be better than the $300-400+ boxes sold out now. , easier and smoother to use. It can also be controlled with a mobile phone, and you can download the APP to watch on your mobile phone. I’m trying to get a spot for my mother in California to try out. Then buy her another one and give her a surprise.


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